Helping local hospitality venues get in the spirit for Christmas

Since 2017, two Newcastle hospitality venues have been working with our team to help get their venues into the spirit for Christmas.

Run by local Luke Tilse, both venues are located in prime Newcastle locations, Young Street in sunny Carrington and The Happy Wombat on the bustling Hunter Street.

Christmas season is always a busy season at hospitality venues (which we can understand!), so to take away the added stress, hiring a Christmas tree company to do all the heavy lifting became an annual tradition for Luke and his team.

How we assist the Young Street Hotel and Happy Wombat

Our team takes the stress out of decorating your venue during the busiest time of the year.

We install, decorate, pack up and clear out, before you have time to pour your next schooner. Not only do we set up the trees, but we also offer a range of decorations to fill your venue.

Our range of deluxe Christmas decoration packages are available in green, black, semi snow and fully snow flocked trees in the colour theme of your choice.

Each package can be matched to your venue’s colour scheme, so it blends seamlessly into your space.

Luke Tilse wants his patrons at both venues to be able to get into the Christmas spirit. Hiring a Christmas tree takes the hassle out of decorating each venue every year.

“From the very beginning, Christmas Tree Hire has been a massive help. For our team, Christmas is extremely busy,” Luke said.

“We love supporting local businesses and without the help of Christmas Tree Hire, the tree wouldn’t happen! We don’t have the time to set one up ourselves.”

– Luke Tilse

Taking the stress out of Christmas

Our main priority is to make the Christmas decorating process seamless for our clients.

When we asked Luke about our process, he said it is professionally done and fast, which is exactly what they need at such a busy venue.

“The Christmas Tree Hire service is exactly what we needed during this time of year. We get a lot of customers asking about our beautiful decorations and they are always impressed each year,” Luke said.

Our tree deliveries and set up can begin from late October all the way through to mid-December. Most businesses book in early in the year to get organised. Luke and his team even hire a tree in July for their annual Christmas in July celebrations!

“Managing two venues takes up a lot of my time, but Christmas Tree Hire’s displays at our venues are always eye-catching and of high quality, and it means I don’t have to worry about them. They really have made decorating our venues extremely convenient. Without their help it would be a painful process for our team,” Luke concluded.

Want to ease your festive stress? Get in touch with us about your next Christmas booking or order now.