Christmas colour schemes trends that will get you noticed this year

When it comes to decorating you home or office this festive season, a great way to start is by choosing a Christmas colour scheme.

A Christmas colour scheme can instantly brighten a dull loungeroom window or complement a reception area. You may have certain colour ideas in your mind that you want to use but piecing these together may be tricky if you’re not an experienced decorator.

Remember, classic holiday colours are not your only options! Gone are the days when only reds and greens are used. And while these traditional colours are still available, you can have the freedom to choose from a whole array of colours!

Tips for choosing your colour scheme

While for our team Christmas is a year-round experience, for the average person thinking about Christmas decorating may make your head spin.

A simple way to start is by selecting a colour scheme that complements your existing décor as this can avoid overspending and ensures a seamless design.

You may even decide to choose a colour palette that creates contrast with your décor to create an eye-catching point of interest in the space.

After choosing your colours, you the next thing to think about is Christmas accessories.

Have you thought about matching your wrapping paper, ribbons and cards to your Christmas colour scheme?

Matching your colour scheme means there are endless opportunities to impress and create a memorable Christmas experience for you family, friends and clients.

Moving beyond the traditional red and green

Christmas in Australia has always been far removed from the traditional white Christmas. There is no snow to be seen during our hot summer months, so our Christmas decorations should reflect our experience!

Last Christmas, our team saw the trend of blush pink, brighten shop fronts and homes. The trend picked up pace due to the slightly off-neutral shade that complemented a range of businesses and locations.

When it comes to planning for Christmas in 2022, there have already been some predicted décor trends.

Blues and Golds

Deluxe aqua paired with champagne and copper looks are set to be another one of the big Christmas trends in 2022.  This stylish colour palette aligns perfectly with increasingly popular luxurious design trend. These colour combinations are a perfect fit for relaxing coastal locations, reflecting the natural landscape of the clear ocean and sandy shores.

Standard Gold & Blue on Green


More is more with this trend! Adding greenery, feathers and bowls of ornaments in a broad range of colours will be sure to give offices and homes a festive feel!

Adding layers of different textures and colours can showcase your individual personality and what better time to display your style then at Christmas. Our range of super-luxe , custom design trees may be more suited to your vivacious tastes.

Abundance doesn’t mean over budget; it means using what you already have, to create a great Christmas experience. Or speak with our team about bringing your maximalist Christmas dreams to life.

Deluxe Gold & Champagne on Semi Snow
Deluxe Red, Silver, White on Fully Snow Flocked
Deluxe Mint & Silver on Fully Snow Flocked

Shades of Lavender

This year we may see an increase in light purple tones as we head into the Christmas season.

Lavender has been the on trend this year and it won’t be excluded by Christmas. This calming colour is easy on the eye during one of the most stressful times of the year and can bring a lightness to spaces.

Pair this with darker shades of purple and you have a monochromatic colour scheme that will turn heads!

Standard Purple & Silver on Green
Deluxe Purple & Silver on Green
Deluxe Gold & Purple on Green

How we can help create your ultimate colour scheme

If you want to bring a little bit of Christmas cheer into your office or home, consider a hiring a tree with beautiful decorations to match your décor.

Deciding where and what to buy can be confusing, stressful and expensive.

At Christmas Tree Hire, we have a team of design experts that do all the hard work for you, and the result is worth it. We can transform your space into a beautiful Christmas display this festive season.

We offer the whole package – we supply, set up the tree, decorate, and add lights so you won’t have to lift a finger this Christmas.

Keep up with trends each year with the option to update your Christmas colour scheme. We also offer a range of deluxe and high-quality trees for residential, commercial or function hire that can be tailored to suit your needs.

Looking for a Christmas colour scheme that matches your company brand or décor? We have got you covered.

Are you ready to order your Christmas tree package? Click here to book a tree today.