Three reasons why hiring a Christmas Tree can ease your festive stress

Hiring a Christmas tree has become more popular as people take on more work and social responsibilities in the lead up to the festive season.

We all want our home, office or workplace to look bright and cheerful but none of us seem to have the time or inclination to take on the set up and decorating required.

There’s definitely something special about the festive season but it’s certainly not the pressure of finding the perfect tree (or dragging the old one out of storage), setting it up, decorating it, then taking it down again in the new year and finding somewhere to put it for the next 11 months.

So here are three reasons why hiring a Christmas tree can ease your festive stress.

Hiring a Christmas tree gives you more for less

If you’re dreaming about a perfect Christmas tree with beautiful decorations to match your décor, knowing where and what to buy can be confusing, stressful and expensive.

At Christmas Tree Hire, we have a team of design experts that can bring your Christmas dream to life. We offer a range of unique and high-quality trees for residential, commercial or function hire that can be tailored to suit your needs.

Our team can transform your space by supplying and setting up the tree, decorations, and lights so you can achieve the perfect Christmas display for the holiday season. We can even colour match the decorations to your company brand or home décor.

Our standard trees with decorations and lights start at around $500 for homes and businesses in the Hunter Region and can be kept for the entire Christmas period.

Hiring a Christmas tree saves you time

Holidays are a time to enjoy picture perfect moments with family and friends. However, the stress of finding the right tree and setting it up can feel like a race against the clock.

At Christmas Tree Hire, our packages include delivery of your tree, set up, decorating and lighting, plus pack up and removal in the new year.

A standard tree setup or pack down takes our team around an hour. You can also hire the tree for a month or a week – whatever best suits your needs.

Hiring a Christmas tree can reduce your environmental footprint

Want to celebrate Christmas and be eco-friendly? Hiring a Christmas tree can reduce the amount of waste disposed of in the new year.

Tonnes of real Christmas trees are sent to landfill each year where they will produce methane, a potent greenhouse gas that plays a significant role in global warming.

Cheap artificial trees, lights and decorations often don’t survive more than one or two seasons then they end up at the tip too. By choosing to hire a Christmas tree, you’re making a more sustainable choice as we reuse our quality trees and decorations year after year. At Christmas Tree Hire we only use high-quality LED lights, rather than traditional flashing lights, which are safer and save on power.

If you’ve decided that hiring a Christmas tree is the right choice for your home, office, workplace or event, view our range of products online or contact us today to discuss how we can bring your Christmas dream to life.